AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-12updated to 1.1Vladimir Luzan
2021-12-11fixed package sectionVladimir Luzan
2021-12-11rolling back to 1.0 and patches from lmartinez-mirrorVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10Fixed make commandVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10Fixed pkgbuild and srcinfoVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10fixed sourceVladimir Luzan
2021-12-101.0 rel isnt supporting libutf8proc packages, using gitVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10Fixed srcinfoVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10fixed url upstreamVladimir Luzan
2021-12-10initial commitVladimir Luzan