AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-04Verbump to 3.2.2, with minor updates to the patch.Sean Greenslade
2022-11-06Verbump to 3.2.1, plus some updates to keep in line with original PKGBUILD.Sean Greenslade
2021-09-21Fix the checksums for the new solarized patch.Sean Greenslade
2021-09-21Added a couple more fixes for missing grey tones.Sean Greenslade
2021-09-21Updated to htop 3.1.0.Sean Greenslade
2020-12-21Updated to htop 3.0.3.Sean Greenslade
2020-11-04Updated to htop 3.0.2.Sean Greenslade
2019-07-29Updated to htop 2.2.0Lars Rustand
2016-05-07Add armv7h archBoohbah
2016-04-20htop 2.0.1Boohbah
2016-02-11Rebased patch on htop 2.0.0Boohbah
2016-02-09Add --enable-oom configure optionBoohbah
2015-07-06Initial importBoohbah