AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-25Ninja no longer requiredAntiCompositeNumber
2020-04-253.4.10 .SRCINFOAntiCompositeNumber
2020-04-25Merge branch 'master' of aur:huggleAntiCompositeNumber
2020-04-25tarball-based pkg for 3.4.10, with backported yaml fixAntiCompositeNumber
2020-04-25git-based pkgbuildAntiCompositeNumber
2020-02-10Updated to 3.4.9Felix Golatofski
2018-07-13bump to 3.4.4 (broken)Alex Xu (Hello71)
2018-04-043.3.5, fix various bugsAlex Xu (Hello71)
2018-03-253.3.4Alex Xu (Hello71)
2018-01-263.3.3Alex Xu (Hello71)
2017-09-19Change to webengine, fix depsAlex Xu (Hello71)
2017-09-17Bump to 3.3.0Alex Xu (Hello71)
2017-07-15Bump to 3.2.0Alex Xu (Hello71)
2016-10-25Bump to 3.1.22Alex Xu (Hello71)
2016-07-14Fix pkgrel.Alex Xu (Hello71)
2016-07-14Bump to 3.1.21.Alex Xu (Hello71)
2016-03-22Actually update to Qt 5.Alex Xu (Hello71)
2016-02-16Bump to 3.1.20.g7f116e7, fixes WrongToken on relogAlex Xu (Hello71)
2016-02-12Update .SRCINFOAlex Xu (Hello71)
2016-02-12Bump to 3.1.19, add workaround for libircAlex Xu (Hello71)
2015-10-26Rollback to qt4, need to get qt5 working with cmakeSamuel Damashek
2015-10-26Bump to 3.1.18, use qt5Samuel Damashek
2015-06-12Initial import from AUR packageSamuel Damashek