AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-13update to 6.4.4eugene
2024-03-21update to 6.4.3eugene
2024-02-05update to 6.4.0eugene
2024-01-15update license identifier to SPDX speceugene
2023-12-14update to 6.3.1eugene
2023-07-10update to 6.1.5eugene
2022-12-30update to 6.0.1eugene
2022-09-20update to 5.9.0eugene
2022-06-17update to 5.8.0eugene
2021-12-12update to 5.6.0eugene
2021-09-27update to 5.5.2eugene
2021-04-21fix licenseeugene
2021-04-21update to 5.3.1eugene
2020-12-31update to 5.2.0eugene
2020-06-23update to 5.0.6eugene
2020-05-31update to 5.0.1eugene
2020-04-19update to 4.9.0g00dy22
2020-01-02version bumpg00dy22
2020-01-02keep original name of qtwebengine dictionaryg00dy22
2020-01-02group removedg00dy22
2020-01-02proper version substitute in src linkg00dy22
2020-01-01update to 4.8.0, src location changed to githubg00dy22
2019-08-11update to 4.6.2g00dy22
2018-10-30update to 4.2.5g00dy22
2018-06-24update to 4.0.0 (update url in .SRCINFO)g00dy22
2018-06-24update to 4.0.0 (.SRCINFO part)g00dy22
2018-06-24update to 4.0.0g00dy22
2017-06-03update to 3.7.5vlad
2017-05-08update to 3.7.4vlad
2017-04-11update to 3.7.3vlad
2017-02-22update to 3.6.0vlad
2017-01-05fix linksvlad
2016-10-23update to 3.5.1vlad
2016-08-20update license fieldvlad
2016-08-20update to 2.9.1vlad
2016-01-22update to 2.0.0vlad
2015-07-08Update to 1.9.6vlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad