AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-14added community/blueprint-compiler make dependencyGabriele Musco
2022-04-23updated to 3.3.0Gabriele Musco
2022-03-25blueprint-compiler dependency as makedependsGabriele Musco
2022-03-25added blueprint-compiler dependencyGabriele Musco
2021-11-19updated srcinfoGabriele Musco
2021-11-19removed explicit version for libadwaitaGabriele Musco
2021-11-16updated pkgver hashGabriele Musco
2021-11-15updated libadwaita dependency versionGabriele Musco
2021-10-26cleaned up pkgbuild (thanks @yochananmarqos)Gabriele Musco
2021-06-10updated to 3.0.0Gabriele Musco
2021-04-04updated dependencies for latest additions to masterGabriele Musco
2020-11-11updated to 2.0.3Gabriele Musco
2020-10-15updated to version 2.0.2Gabriele Musco
2020-10-07changed libhandy1 dependency to libhandyGabriele Musco
2020-09-23updated to 2.0.1Gabriele Musco
2020-09-01updated to 2.0Gabriele Musco
2020-07-19updated to version 1.12Gabriele Musco
2020-04-11updated version to 1.10Gabriele Musco
2019-10-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Musco
2019-10-29updated to 1.9.8Gabriele Musco
2019-10-29updated to 1.9.8Gabriele Musco
2019-10-25updated to 1.9.7Gabriele Musco
2019-10-01updated to 1.9.6Gabriele Musco
2019-09-26updated to 1.9.5Gabriele Musco
2019-09-06updated to 1.9.3Gabriele Musco
2019-09-03updated to 1.9.2Gabriele Musco
2019-08-02updated to 1.9.1Gabriele Musco
2019-08-01updated to version 1.9Gabriele Musco
2019-07-15updated to 1.8 with appdata fixGabriele Musco
2019-07-15updated to 1.8Gabriele Musco
2019-07-01updated to 1.7.3Gabriele Musco
2019-07-01updated to 1.7.2Gabriele Musco
2019-06-30updated to 1.7.1Gabriele Musco
2019-06-05updated to 1.7Gabriele Musco
2019-06-03updated to 1.6Gabriele Musco
2019-06-02updated to 1.5.3Gabriele Musco
2019-03-29updated to latest git versionGabriele Musco
2019-03-28update to 1.5.2Gabriele Musco
2019-03-27updated to 1.5.1Gabriele Musco
2019-03-27updated to version 1.5Gabriele Musco
2019-02-02updated to latest git versionGabriele Musco
2019-02-02changed upstream to gitlabGabriele Musco
2019-02-02fixed dependenciesGabriele Musco
2018-12-08updated to version 1.4.1Gabriele Musco
2018-11-01updated to 1.4Gabriele Musco
2018-10-22resolved merge conflictGabriele Musco
2018-10-22updated to latest git version, updated dependenciesGabriele Musco
2018-02-21fixed dependenciesGabMus
2018-02-14changed dependenciesGabriele Musco
2018-02-14updated to latest git versionGabriele Musco