AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUpdate for v443Michael Serajnik
2021-06-03Update for v442Michael Serajnik
2021-05-27Update for v441Michael Serajnik
2021-05-20Update for v440Michael Serajnik
2021-05-12Update for v439Michael Serajnik
2021-05-05Update for v438Michael Serajnik
2021-04-29Update for v437Michael Serajnik
2021-04-21Update for v436Michael Serajnik
2021-04-15Update for v435Michael Serajnik
2021-04-08Update for v434Michael Serajnik
2021-04-04Update dependencies to use new python-opencv packageMichael Serajnik
2021-04-04Add dependencies that opencv is now linked againstMichael Serajnik
2021-03-18Update dependency nameMichael Serajnik
2021-03-18Update for v433Michael Serajnik
2021-03-11Update for v432imtbl
2021-03-04Update for v431Score_Under
2021-02-25Update for v430Score_Under
2021-02-17Update for v429imtbl
2021-02-11Update for v428imtbl
2021-01-27Update for v427imtbl
2021-01-21Update for v426imtbl
2021-01-13Update for v425imtbl
2021-01-07Update for v424imtbl
2020-12-24Update for v423imtbl
2020-12-16Update for v422imtbl
2020-12-09Update for v421imtbl
2020-12-02Update for v420imtbl
2020-11-25Update for v419imtbl
2020-11-19Update for v418imtbl
2020-11-11Update for v417imtbl
2020-11-05Update for v416imtbl
2020-10-28Update for v415imtbl
2020-10-22Update for v414imtbl
2020-09-23Update for v413imtbl
2020-09-19Update for v412.2imtbl
2020-09-16Update for v412.1imtbl
2020-09-16Update for v412imtbl
2020-09-09Update for v411imtbl
2020-09-02Update for v410imtbl
2020-08-27Update for v409imtbl
2020-08-20Remove duplicate optional dependencyimtbl
2020-08-20Update for v408imtbl
2020-08-11Readd hdf5 as it is needed for the OpenCV Python bindingsimtbl
2020-08-11Allow usage of either python-pyqt5 or pyside2imtbl
2020-08-11Remove unused dependencyimtbl
2020-08-05Fix pkgrelimtbl
2020-08-05Update for v407imtbl
2020-08-01Fix dependencies for displaying bandwidth chartsimtbl
2020-07-29Update for v406imtbl
2020-07-22Update for v405imtbl