AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-25modify pkgbuild for wlroots version bumpCallum Wishart
2023-11-06Fixed package() not installing all headers, fixes plugin compilationzjeffer
2023-10-16patched for new hyprland cmake (thanks, salimp)Callum Wishart
2023-07-30Fix hyprland headers install pathkyechou
2023-07-20Update patches path following upstream changeskyechou
2023-07-19Clean up and fix versioningkyechou
2023-07-20third time is the charmtohmais
2023-07-20this might fix it this timetohmais
2023-07-20fixed package breakingtohmais
2023-03-06update patch command for custom builddirstohmais
2023-03-04readd screenshare patchtohmais
2023-03-04update deps, remove screenshare patchtohmais
2022-11-14wlroots version bumptohmais
2022-10-23add screenshare patchtohmais
2022-10-10update pkgsumstohmais
2022-10-10initial committohmais