AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-30[lilac] updated to r2843.5c3684d0-1lilac
2023-04-22[lilac] updated to r2806.d366fc48-1lilac
2023-04-09[lilac] updated to r2722.e4e653ad-1lilac
2023-03-04Add udic86 to sourcehafeoz
2023-03-04Another attempt to fix everything by stealing from hyprland-hidpi-xprop-githafeoz
2023-03-04Skip reverting wlroot commithafeoz
2023-03-04attempt to fix build by using lilydjwg's wlroothafeoz
2023-03-04update patch namehafeoz
2023-03-04Attempt to fix patch by updating to latest onehafeoz
2023-03-04fix: update SRCINFOhafeoz
2023-03-04fix: add missing depedencies and fix build functionhafeoz
2022-12-26Initial commithafeoz