AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-26updated to twenty tvenny releasebud
2019-03-14updated to new versionbudRich
2019-03-14updated versionbudRich
2019-03-08march 19 updatebudRich
2019-02-19it works?budRich
2019-02-07ASS ON THE MENUbud
2019-01-30stability updatebud
2019-01-15fixed Makefile issuebud
2019-01-12new version bashbud tymebud
2018-09-21borderline workspaced from the beginning of the beer glassbudRich
2018-09-20wasted workspace updatebudRich
2018-09-12i3get updated, focusvisible and getvisible addedbudRich
2018-09-01version bump flip updatebudRich
2018-08-17stability updatebudRich
2018-08-13update 0.1.75, issue with viswiz fixedbudRich
2018-07-18new version now with KornhebudRich
2018-07-15fixed wrong checksumbudRich
2018-07-14updated to new versionbudRich
2018-07-02updated source in PKGBUILD to budlabsbudRich
2018-07-01i3ass, initial aur release v0.1.6budRich