AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-07Update PKGBUILD to use make installHenry Nelson
2017-07-27Update PKGBUILD and remove unnecessary patchHenry Nelson
2017-02-01updated to latest versionDolores Portalatin
2016-10-13updated to latest version with support for custom screenshot commandmeskarune
2016-05-04updated to latest version with italian translation and font listmeskarune
2016-04-16fixed pkgbuild so it works with dirs that have spacesmeskarune
2016-04-13updated to latest versionmeskarune
2016-04-02updated to latest release, non-forkingmeskarune
2016-03-30updated to 71 and updated patch filemeskarune
2016-03-28updated version and patch filemeskarune
2016-03-28changed package depends and updatead to latest versionmeskarune
2016-03-27fixed .SRCINFO <,<meskarune
2016-03-27updated to latest version, updated patch file to matchmeskarune
2016-03-27forgot some dependsmeskarune
2016-03-27initial commitmeskarune