AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-02update to version Springer
2022-11-08update to version Springer
2022-09-30update to version Springer
2022-07-07update to version Springer
2022-05-12update to version Springer
2022-03-15update to version Springer
2022-02-23also set GoogleAnalytics/DisableHeartBeatStephan Springer
2022-02-15update to version Springer
2021-12-17some cleanupStephan Springer
2021-12-15Change program name in desktop entries to Citrix Workspace.Jens Mei├čner
2021-12-10update to version Springer
2021-12-10add some missing dependenciesStephan Springer
2021-11-15prevent downloading the wrong versionStephan Springer
2021-11-10update to version Springer
2021-10-10fix permissions (/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/lib/libweb*.so)Stephan Springer
2021-09-29update to version Springer
2021-08-19update to version Springer
2021-07-23fix indentationStephan Springer
2021-07-23clean up source URL gatheringStephan Springer
2021-06-26update to version Springer
2021-05-01also install icasessionmgr, NativeMessagingHost and UtilDaemonStephan Springer
2021-04-30also install "adapter"Stephan Springer
2021-04-30add .gitignoreStephan Springer
2021-04-29adopt and update to version Springer
2021-03-11update to 21.03Eric Liu
2021-01-31update to 21.01Eric Liu
2021-01-26merge Marion Deveaud's patch so wfica can return proper versionEric Liu
2020-12-07update to 20.12Eric Liu
2020-10-30libc++ as optionalEric Liu
2020-10-30fix permissions in util and libc++ dep for HDXTeamEric Liu
2020-10-3020.10 and HdxRtcEngine permissionEric Liu
2020-09-16update to 20.09Eric Liu
2020-07-01update to 2006Eric Liu
2020-04-20update to 20.04Eric Liu
2019-12-16update to 19.12Eric Liu
2019-10-16update to 19.10Eric Liu
2019-09-02update to 19.08Eric Liu
2019-07-03update to 19.06Eric Liu
2019-04-13use certs from /etc/sslEric Liu
2019-03-2819.03Eric Liu
2019-03-2819.03Eric Liu
2019-02-07update to 19.01Eric Liu
2018-10-29update versionEric Liu
2018-10-19update libidn dependencyEric Liu
2018-09-19switch to Citrix Workspace, initial buildEric Liu
2018-06-24Update to 13.10Eric Liu
2018-05-12bump pkg verEric Liu
2018-05-12Add armhf supportEric Liu
2018-03-24update to 13.9.1Eric Liu
2018-03-14Track upstream version although checksum untouched.Eric Liu