AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-13use certs from /etc/sslEric Liu
2019-03-2819.03Eric Liu
2019-03-2819.03Eric Liu
2019-02-07update to 19.01Eric Liu
2018-10-29update versionEric Liu
2018-10-19update libidn dependencyEric Liu
2018-09-19switch to Citrix Workspace, initial buildEric Liu
2018-06-24Update to 13.10Eric Liu
2018-05-12bump pkg verEric Liu
2018-05-12Add armhf supportEric Liu
2018-03-24update to 13.9.1Eric Liu
2018-03-14Track upstream version although checksum untouched.Eric Liu
2018-03-14Track version with official website. Actual content remains unchanged.Eric Liu
2018-03-07checksums repaired, no pkgrel bumpfordprefect
2017-12-0813.8G. Schlisio
2017-09-2013.7G. Schlisio
2017-03-08minor cleanup, dependencies cleaned according to namcap outputG. Schlisio
2017-03-0613.5, gstreamer0.10 now optdependsG. Schlisio
2017-02-03dependencies fixedG. Schlisio
2016-08-29template filesG. Schlisio
2016-08-2913.4, version bumpG. Schlisio
2015-12-19fix EULA pathGeorg Schlisio
2015-12-1613.3Georg Schlisio
2015-11-11fixed error in package()Georg Schlisio
2015-11-11added support for 32bit systemsGeorg Schlisio
2015-11-09forgot to update .SRCINFO - fixedGeorg Schlisio
2015-11-08better handling of config files (via pacman) - should solve deinstallation pr...Georg Schlisio
2015-11-05removed nspluginwrapper from dependenciesGeorg Schlisio
2015-11-05additional certificates as suggested in commentsGeorg Schlisio
2015-09-29removing unneeded dependencyGeorg Schlisio
2015-09-28fixing color issue in post_install messageGeorg Schlisio
2015-09-0713.2.1Georg Schlisio
2015-07-0813.2Georg Schlisio
2015-07-0713.1.0.285639, moved from aur3Georg Schlisio