AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-25Add the man pages.Ben Widawsky
2019-09-25Update to 1.3Ben Widawsky
2018-10-121.2 was relesedBen Widawsky
2017-11-22Remove i686 from arch=()Ben Widawsky
2017-08-15upgpkg: icecream 1:1.1-1Ben Widawsky
2017-08-02upgpkg: icecream 1.1rc3-1Ben Widawsky
2016-12-23Rename QT to Qt.Ben Widawsky
2016-04-21Update to 1.1-rc2Ben Widawsky
2016-04-21Fix hardcoded version in download URLBen Widawsky
2016-01-01Updates for releaseBen Widawsky
2016-01-01Fix ownership of log fileBen Widawsky
2015-12-24Rev build for releaseBen Widawsky
2015-12-24Fix dependsBen Widawsky
2015-12-24Make namcap happyBen Widawsky
2015-12-24Merge Fedora Core's systemd files to oursBen Widawsky
2015-12-24Merge upstream's suse/sysconfig.icecreamBen Widawsky
2015-06-11Initial importBen Widawsky