AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-15Year bump.git user
2023-09-04Switched source protocol from http to httpsgit user
2023-09-04Version bump.git user
2019-05-25Changed URL to the site where it can be orderedfelics
2018-10-18License file changed again; changed license file's checksum to 'SKIP'.felics
2018-10-18increased $pkgrel because of previous PKGBUILD changefelics
2018-10-18License file changed -> updated checksumfelics
2017-12-17made an abstraction in the PKGBUILD. And new version.felics@felics-tablet
2016-12-11Updated for 2016/2017 timetable yearfelics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Added an .install-script which prints information, and added support to start...felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Put note of $WINEPREFIX into messages.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Now running the installer with a WINEPREFIX that get's trashed afterwards.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Changed PKGBUILD formatting.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Changed pkgver to something more sensible. change provides. Changed conflicts.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Updated a note during installation.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Inistial commit.felics@felics-tablet