AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-01Prepare for publishing to AURMithicSpirit
2023-02-18fix optdependsMithicSpirit
2023-02-16add optdepeds for different backendsMithicSpirit
2023-02-16properly fix PREFIX for api lib (should work with lsp now)MithicSpirit
2023-02-15fix checks, installation, and install with src (for lsp)MithicSpirit
2023-02-13HACK: set epochMithicSpirit
2023-02-04Improve formattingMithicSpirit
2022-12-21fix tests using bootstrap instead of builtMithicSpirit
2022-10-10Re-add bash completion scriptMithicSpirit
2022-10-10Overall rewrite of PKGBUILDMithicSpirit
2021-11-29Update .SRCINFOmb64
2021-11-29The chez-scheme package now provides it under the executable chez rather than...mb64
2021-09-20Update for changes as of version 0.5.1mb64
2021-01-25Fix calculating the version numbermb64
2020-06-29Update .SRCINFOmb64
2020-06-29Fix order of installing packages (network now depends on contrib)mb64
2020-06-01Fix git repo capitalizationmb64
2020-05-26Initial commitmb64