AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-25Fix logs directory permission for pkgAndrey Kolchenko
2021-03-25Fix log dirrectory permissionsAndrey Kolchenko
2021-01-22Update .SRCINFO fileAndrey Kolchenko
2021-01-22Add .gitignore fileAndrey Kolchenko
2021-01-22Update checksums of rpm packagesAndrey Kolchenko
2020-12-11Remove usr/lib64 from packageAndrey Kolchenko
2020-11-23Generate .SRCINFO fileAndrey Kolchenko
2020-11-23Bump new version of ifcplugin with config fixesAndrey Kolchenko
2019-09-30add maintainerEri
2019-09-30update to
2015-09-08link fixMaxim Kraev
2015-09- versionMaxim Kraev
2015-06-24first commitMaxim Kraev