AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-22upgpkg: ignition-math 7.3.0-3acxz
2023-03-14upgpkg: ignition-common 5.3.1-3Bernd Müller
2023-02-27upgpkg: ignition-math 7.1.0-2acxz
2023-01-18upgpkg: ignition-math 7.1.0-1acxz
2022-09-03upgpkg: ignition-math 6.13.0-1acxz
2022-08-13upgpkg: ignition-math 6.12.0-1acxz
2022-06-12move eigen to depacxz
2022-05-17upgpkg: ignition-math 6.11.0-1acxz
2022-04-22Don't skip checksumAchmad Fathoni
2022-04-22Fix cmakeAchmad Fathoni
2022-02-166.10.0Achmad Fathoni
2021-10-156.9.2Achmad Fathoni
2021-10-03Add swig dependencyAchmad Fathoni
2021-10-036.9.1Achmad Fathoni
2021-09-306.9.0Achmad Fathoni
2021-05-226.8.0Achmad Fathoni
2020-11-26updpkg 6.7.0acxz
2020-11-06updpkg 6.6.0acxz
2020-09-08[ignition-math] updpkg 6.5.0acxz
2020-08-04ignition-math: fix shasum of headerfix.patch (#58)goekce
2020-05-20[ignition-math] Added patch for header bug (#39)Ramdambo
2020-05-20[ignition-math] Changed Repo URL to Github from Bitbucket (#38)Ramdambo
2020-03-07clean up urlsacxz
2020-01-15ruby dep guard didnt workacxz
2020-01-15add eigen opt depacxz
2020-01-14updpkg 6.4.0acxz
2019-06-30removed -j4acxz
2019-06-30less than version checking not working properlyacxz
2019-06-30added harder constraint on depsacxz
2019-06-27updated, removed unit test check due to failuresacxz
2018-02-24Update to 4.0.0Tim Rakowski
2018-01-04Added check()Tim Rakowski
2017-12-12Update to 3.3.0Tim Rakowski
2017-05-21Update to version 3.0.0 (pkgrel 2)Tim Rakowski
2017-05-21Update to version 3.0.0 (pkgrel 1)Tim Rakowski
2016-06-26Update to version 2.4.0 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Update to version 2.3.0 (pkgrel 2)Benjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Update to version 2.3.0 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-12-10Update for new ABIBenjamin Chrétien
2015-09-26Fix commit hashBenjamin Chrétien
2015-09-25Update to version 2.2.3Benjamin Chrétien
2015-08-10Update to version 2.2.2Benjamin Chrétien
2015-08-10Initial commit (based on ignition-math-hg)Benjamin Chrétien