AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-04feat: `jupyter` is now replaced by `jupyter-notebook` in the official reposit...Simon Zack
2021-11-24feat: the 5.2.1 update changed `display_name`Simon Zack
2021-11-24feat: version bump to 5.2.1Simon Zack
2021-11-09feat(gitignore): updatedSimon Zack
2021-11-09feat: don't include the package name in `pkgdesc`Simon Zack
2021-06-28use `install` instead of copying files and using `jupyter-kernelspec install`...Simon Zack
2021-06-22use `patchelf` to add the required library `unwind` instead, as this is a lot...Simon Zack
2021-06-22`jupyter-notebook` isn't necessary, as this works in `jupyterlab` tooSimon Zack
2021-06-21changed past maintainer to contributorSimon Zack
2021-06-21added `.SRCINFO`Simon Zack
2021-06-20added `lunwind` in custom `binding.gyp` for *ZeroMQ 5.2.8*, so `"require('zer...Simon Zack
2021-06-20attempt to update to 5.2.0, but getting the error:Simon Zack
2016-11-17initial AUR package for IJavaScript jupyter notebook kernelAndreas Gerlach