AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-23Merge mkurz's EOF patch. Now aarch64 compatible.rockybulwinkle
2023-03-23Fix double free when sites isn't definedrockybulwinkle
2022-11-08Work around compilation issues. Update metadata.rockybulwinkle
2022-10-17Correct pkgrel in .SRCINFOrockybulwinkle
2022-04-04Fix for cmake threadlibrockybulwinkle
2020-12-20pkgrel bumprockybulwinkle
2020-12-20add fix for parser_class_namerockybulwinkle
2019-02-15Previous maintainer was accidentaly replaced. Fixed now.Timur Sattarov
2019-02-14Migrated to openssl 1.1.x, removed Qt GUITimur Sattarov
2017-05-06Bump release version...Benjamin Robin
2017-05-06Fix build by forcing to build against openssl-1.0Benjamin Robin
2015-07-11Migrated from AUR3Benjamin Robin