AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-02Adopt and update to 3.20200202.3Michael Laß
2019-03-15Update to 3.20190228Ryan Gonzalez
2018-04-20Update .SRCINFO and .gitignoreRyan Gonzalez
2018-04-20UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2018-01-08Update to latestTomZ
2017-11-09forgot mksrcinfoTomZ
2017-11-09update versionTomZ
2017-03-08Update to new version and use the CDN debian urlTomZ
2016-09-11Update to 3.20160905Christoph Vigano
2016-07-10Bumped versionChristoph Vigano
2016-03-03Bump versionChristoph Vigano
2015-07-08Update to version 3.20150614Christoph Vigano