AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-07update to 2.1.0Luis Martinez
2022-07-06update to 2.0.1Luis Martinez
2022-02-21update to 1.6.0Luis Martinez
2022-02-02update to 1.5.0Luis Martinez
2022-01-15update to 1.4.1Luis Martinez
2021-12-22update to 1.4.0Luis Martinez
2021-08-08update to 1.3.1Luis Martinez
2021-06-26update to 1.2.0Luis Martinez
2021-06-14update to 1.1.1Luis Martinez
2021-06-12update to 1.1.0Luis Martinez
2021-06-12add .desktop filesLuis Martinez
2021-06-11add provides and conflictsLuis Martinez
2021-06-11initial commitLuis Martinez