AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-23Match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2021-10-11Add jpeg xlDaniel Bermond
2021-10-07Fix tests. Update backup. Remove jxl (currently does not work).Daniel Bermond
2021-07-04Update libjxl dependencyDaniel Bermond
2021-02-21Bring back jpeg-xl (fixed upstream). Add dmalloc.Daniel Bermond
2021-02-14Various fixes and improvementsDaniel Bermond
2019-10-03Add tcmalloc support. gs security issues.Daniel Bermond
2019-06-09Remove support for i686 architecture. Use https for url.Daniel Bermond
2019-05-20Unsplit libmagick to follow repository packageDaniel Bermond
2018-11-26Do not rename the source. gs security fix. Add zstd. Improvements.Daniel Bermond
2018-10-26FixesDaniel Bermond
2018-03-18Avoid running configure twiceDaniel Bermond
2017-12-22New upstream option: --with-heicDaniel Bermond
2017-12-22Rewrite to match official repository changesDaniel Bermond
2017-09-24Switched to a split packageDaniel Bermond
2017-09-02Perl versioned binary modules rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-08-16Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-08-16Changed sourceDaniel Bermond
2017-06-06perl 5.26 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-04-30libwebp 0.6.0 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-04-08autotrace-nomagick 0.31.1-5 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-03-01autotrace-nomagick 0.31.1-2 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-02-28Comment block: updated AUR dependenciesDaniel Bermond
2017-02-27Added support for umem (libumem)Daniel Bermond
2017-02-25Comment block: added AUR dependenciesDaniel Bermond
2017-02-25depends: changed flif-git to flifDaniel Bermond
2016-12-03opencl dependecy changesDaniel Bermond
2016-07-09Added Apple fonts support (optional due to licensing issues)Bermond
2016-07-09Added git to makedependsBermond
2016-07-09Added more notes about Windows fontsBermond
2016-07-09Added ttf-dejavu to dependsBermond
2016-06-30Change order of options to match configure scriptBermond
2016-06-03Fixed pkgver() to avoid errorsBermond
2016-05-07Security fix for discovered upstream vulnerabilityBermond
2016-05-01New upstream option: --with-flifBermond
2016-05-01Cosmetic source changes in package()Bermond
2016-05-01Automated provides for handling of major IM version changeBermond
2016-02-14Initial commitBermond