AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-21autu: Update to Severance
2019-05-14autu: Update to Severance
2017-08-14Update to, update sourceChris Severance
2017-05-30Update to, finish libcl conversionChris Severance
2017-05-25Update to Severance
2016-07-29Update to 7.0.2Chris Severance
2016-03-20Update to Severance
2015-11-23Correct link to patchChris Severance
2015-09-30Update SRCINFOChris Severance
2015-08-28Version updateChris Severance
2015-08-22Version fixChris Severance
2015-08-13Upstream switches from svn to gitChris Severance