AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-30Update to 1.28.4Al S
2022-01-29Update to 1.25.4Al S
2021-08-15Update to 1.20.5Al S
2021-07-27Update to 1.19.6.Al S
2021-07-24Update to 1.19.4.Al S
2021-07-18Do not SHA-512 hash EULA, not so consistent!Al S
2021-07-17Update to 1.19.3Al S
2021-07-17Fix minor typos in the build spec.Al S
2021-05-30Properly configure symlink.Al S
2021-05-29Add .gitignore to ignore all build files.Al S
2021-05-29Add PKGBUILD for imdone 1.17.6Al S