AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-18update .SRCINFODenebTM
2024-04-18make termcap a runtime dependencyDenebTM
2024-01-22bump pkgverDenebTM
2024-01-22deps: gmic->cimg and remove pandoc for leaner buildsDenebTM
2022-11-07add termcap and pandoc a makedephaawda
2022-11-06change makedep from cimg to gmichaawda
2020-12-20enhanced pkgver functionhaawda
2020-12-20adopted and fixedhaawda
2019-04-16remove debugging statements from PKGBUILDJoshua Taillon
2019-04-16initial packaging of imgcat tool for AURJoshua Taillon