AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-06Update to 0.13.2Victor
2023-09-18Replaced Image.ANTIALIAS by Image.LANCZOSVictor
2022-08-01Update to 0.13.1Victor
2021-07-30Updated to svn r311Victor
2021-01-09Updated to svn r310 for compat with PyGame 2.0.1Victor
2020-11-12Changed build() to only make the necessary filesVictor
2020-11-12Updated to svn r306 to fix seg faultsVictor
2020-10-09Update to beta2Victor
2020-01-14upd to 0.13.0_beta1a and changed to mupdf rendererVictor
2019-10-07increment versionpat-s
2019-10-07use pdftk instead of pdftk-binpat-s
2018-08-27upgpkg: impressive 0.12.0-2pat-s
2018-04-03upgpkg: impressive 0.12.0-1pat-s
2017-12-02impressive moved from community to AURJaroslav Lichtblau