AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-13update: cleanup declarationsRobert Pannick
2022-12-18Upstream changed build system to mesonChristopher Arndt
2021-02-12Fixed dependenciesChristopher Arndt
2019-10-20Change source repos to gitlab; update pkgdesc and dependsChristopher Arndt
2019-10-18Add autowaf submodule as additional source; patch broken dependency check for...Christopher Arndt
2019-10-05Remove makep dep on Python 2; add dep on python-rdflib; add patch for Python ...Christopher Arndt
2019-06-16Require ganv>=1.5.0 (currently only provided by ganv-git package)Christopher Arndt
2018-12-19Updated dependenciesChristopher Arndt
2018-08-14Build is incompatible with Python 3.7+, use Python 2 instead; require serd>=0...Christopher Arndt
2018-08-05New package maintainer; changed pkgver function; cleaned up dependencies; add...Christopher Arndt
2017-04-29No longer compatible with mainline Suil.Joshua Cearley
2016-10-22Looks like there's a newer LV2 in the house.Joshua Cearley
2016-08-13Ingen URL moved upstream.Joshua Cearley
2016-06-27First pkgbuild file for ingen.Joshua Cearley