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2022-09-11Update version to Jenny
2022-07-11Update version to Jenny
2021-08-05Update version to Jenny
2021-01-01update .SRCINFO to version Jenny
2021-01-01update to version Jenny
2019-09-29nemo-python is requiredErik Dubois
2019-09-28version v1Erik Dubois
2018-12-13Correct patch applicationTed Alff
2018-12-13Patch for python 3 for nemo-python >= 3.9.0 -- I don't use insync, so don't k...Ted Alff
2017-07-14AdoptedTed Alff
2017-03-03Update to Weiman
2016-05-30update sha256sumsMark Weiman
2016-05-28update to Weiman
2015-10-16changed to Weiman
2015-10-15initial importMark Weiman