AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-06Insync v1 packageAchilleas Koutsou
2019-07-31Remove offending file Levesque
2019-03-23Update to 1.5.7Nate Levesque
2019-01-04Add missing dependenciesNate Levesque
2018-11-14Update to 1.5.5Nate Levesque
2018-11-06insync.service now uses insync-headlessNate Levesque
2018-11-03Update to 1.5.4Nate Levesque
2018-10-01Remove sni-qt from optdependsNate Levesque
2018-09-23Update to 1.5.2Nate Levesque
2018-09-16Update to 1.5.1, drop i686Nate Levesque
2018-07-15Update to 1.4.9Nate Levesque
2018-06-22Update to 1.4.8Nate Levesque
2018-05-28Update to Levesque
2018-03-31Update to insync 1.4.5Nate Levesque
2018-03-25Don't symlink libfontconfigNate Levesque
2018-03-25Remove UPX flagNate Levesque
2018-03-22Update to insync 1.4.4Nate Levesque
2018-03-17At long last, 1.4Nate Levesque
2018-03-17sni-qt optdepend, nonverbose tarNate Levesque
2018-03-17Add pkg, src directories to gitignoreNate Levesque
2017-11-29Update to version Levesque
2017-10-10Incorporate contributed pkgbuild changesNate Levesque
2017-06-27Update to version Levesque
2017-04-26Update to version Levesque
2017-04-24Update to version Levesque
2017-01-04Update to v1.3.14Nate Levesque
2016-11-27Use instead of multi-user.targetNate Levesque
2016-10-30Package revisionsNate Levesque
2016-10-10update to 1.3.12vlad
2016-08-23update to 1.3.10vlad
2016-07-20update 1.3.9vlad
2016-05-18fix libfontconfig one more timevlad
2016-05-18update to 1.3.8vlad
2016-04-20up .SRCINFOvlad
2016-04-20link the bundled to the system libvlad
2016-02-24update to 1.3.6vlad
2016-01-13update to 1.3.5vlad
2015-12-10up .SRCINFOvlad
2015-12-10delete sni-qt from optdependsvlad
2015-11-11update to 1.3.3vlad
2015-10-14update to 1.3.2vlad
2015-08-19update to 1.2.18vlad
2015-07-16Update to 1.2.17vlad
2015-07-12Update to 1.2.16vlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad