AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
29 hoursfix "depends=" in .SRCINFOAlexey Stukalov
2 daysadd FORCE_PKGEXT command line optionAlexey Stukalov
2 dayssplit intel-compiler-baseAlexey Stukalov
2 daysclarify and log PKGEXT manipulationsAlexey Stukalov
2 daysuse makepkg's msg/warning for logsAlexey Stukalov
2 daysfix Fortran and MKL dependenciesAlexey Stukalov
2 daysextract_rpm: extract common functionAlexey Stukalov
2 daysfixing xxxvars.bat: use _i_arch to avoid if/elseAlexey Stukalov
2 daysreduce the use of composerxe symlink to minimumAlexey Stukalov
3 daysupdate contributorsAlexey Stukalov
3 daysclarify PKGBUILD script licenseAlexey Stukalov
3 daysIntel Parallel Studio XE 2019 Update 3 (2019.3.199)Hamada S. Badr
2019-02-07Update to 2019 update 2Stephen Cox
2018-12-10Update SRCINFO with 2019 infoStephen Cox
2018-12-10Update to 2019 update 1Stephen Cox
2018-07-02update based on specter119 commented on 2018-06-28 19:07Ignat Harczuk
2017-12-21pkgrel 3 with mpiIgnat Harczuk
2017-12-19include newly added math headers from intel-c-comp rpm packageIgnat Harczuk
2017-12-13update to update 1 2018Ignat Harczuk
2017-09-21remove dup dependencies in fortran packageIgnat Harczuk
2017-09-18update to 2018Ignat Harczuk
2017-06-24readded vtune, inspector, and amplifier to the pkgbuildIgnat Harczuk
2017-05-14individually all 5 packages install propelyIgnat Harczuk
2017-04-15update 3 no advisor, vtuneIgnat Harczuk
2017-03-062017 update 2Ignat Harczuk
2017-01-06updated the .SRCINFO after patchIgnat Harczuk
2017-01-02Added lzop in dependenciesIgnat Harczuk
2016-12-30fixed version errors and tidied up the PKGBUILDAlexander Phinikarides
2016-11-11seems to work fineIgnat Harczuk
2016-11-11added gitignore with builds and src plus pkg subdirs ignoresIgnat Harczuk
2016-09-09updated to 2017Ignat Harczuk
2016-05-18fix pkgbuild symlink that broke mklIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-11update SRCINFO fileIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-11change pkgrel to proper valueIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-11all package version retrievable in pkgdesc, pacman -Qi pkgnameIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-07working build to make all packages same ver number makepkg -iIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-04fix correct files in pkgbuildIgnat Harczuk
2016-05-04change srcinfo and pkgbuild to update 3Ignat Harczuk
2016-02-22update pkgbuild pkgrl to 3Ignat Harczuk
2016-02-19fixed pkbuild and srcinfo to update 3Ignat Harczuk
2015-11-24update1 now workingIgnat Harczuk
2015-11-23updage pkgbuild with . isntead of dash for inspectorIgnat Harczuk
2015-11-23update pkgver with release to 1Ignat Harczuk
2015-11-23change .SRCINFO for tbbIgnat Harczuk
2015-11-23rename tbb to tbb_psxeIgnat Harczuk
2015-11-23split into 9 subpackages, openmp is bundled together with iccIgnat Harczuk
2015-06-08corrected individual versions for packagesm-wells
2015-06-08added .SRCINFOm-wells
2015-06-08added intel-tbb (had to rename because of conflict in extra-repo)m-wells
2015-06-08Initial importm-wells