AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-11-10Change default package format to zstdXuanrui Qi
2020-11-10Fix the patchXuanrui Qi
2020-11-09Bump to 2020 update 4Xuanrui Qi
2020-08-09Added fix for zsh usersXuanrui Qi
2020-07-28Update upstream URLXuanrui Qi
2020-07-23Version bump: 2020 Update 2Xuanrui Qi
2020-04-24disable strip for intel-vtune-profilerhbhkx
2020-04-21remove intel-mkl_psxehbhkx
2020-04-19update to 2020 update1hbhkx
2019-12-20update to 2020.0Alexey Stukalov
2019-12-20intel_vtune_amplifier -> intel_vtune_profilerAlexey Stukalov
Now Intel calls it VTune Profiler, see
2019-10-28disable PKGEXT msg to avoid SRCINFO pollutionAlexey Stukalov
2019-10-27bump to 2019.5.281-2Alexey Stukalov
2019-10-27add library paths to intel-mpi.confAlexey Stukalov
required for mpicc
2019-10-27don't set pkgver inside package-xxx()Alexey Stukalov
2019-09-16update to 2019.5.281Alexey Stukalov
2019-07-14update to 2019.4.243Alexey Stukalov
2019-07-14vtune-amplifier: fix $PATHAlexey Stukalov
2019-07-14don't gzip manpages, done by makepkg automaticallyAlexey Stukalov
2019-07-14small cleanupsAlexey Stukalov
2019-07-14extract_rpms: optional 3rd param (source folder)Alexey Stukalov
2019-07-14only extract RPMs of compatible architectureAlexey Stukalov
2019-07-14remove documentation more aggressivelyAlexey Stukalov
remove documentation_$year folder from the packages
2019-07-14l_mpi is not requiredAlexey Stukalov
intel-mpi-sdk is a part of parallel_studio_xe
2019-04-26simplify long paths by cd-ing into proper dirsAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-26cleanup versionsAlexey Stukalov
- fix 2019.3 tools versions - fix the ld .conf files to use the proper version - fix doc/man tools folders - don't include version into the package name for MKL, MPI, TBB (it's the same)
2019-04-26simplify man pages compressionAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-25simplify binary folder setupAlexey Stukalov move to compiler-base packageAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-25check for existence at prof. initAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-24fix .SRCINFO generationAlexey Stukalov
using ${_pkg_ver} was not working for some reason, but $pkgver works
2019-04-24fix "depends=" in .SRCINFOAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-23add FORCE_PKGEXT command line optionAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-23split intel-compiler-baseAlexey Stukalov
into intel-common-libs intel-openml and intel-compiler-base update .SRCINFO
2019-04-23clarify and log PKGEXT manipulationsAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-23use makepkg's msg/warning for logsAlexey Stukalov
also cleanup message text
2019-04-23fix Fortran and MKL dependenciesAlexey Stukalov
- packages should depend on the same version as their own - intel-mkl depends on intel-compiler-base (for libimf)
2019-04-23extract_rpm: extract common functionAlexey Stukalov
It's used by extract_[mpi_]_rpms. Also avoid that extract_[mpi_]_rpms do "cd" -- should avoid side-effects.
2019-04-23fixing xxxvars.bat: use _i_arch to avoid if/elseAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-23reduce the use of composerxe symlink to minimumAlexey Stukalov
- Don't use composerxe when creating the other symlinks, that makes intel-mkl, intel-ipp, intel-mpi independent from intel-compiler-base where composerxe symlink is being defined. - Create symlinks in package_xxx() rather that build() to have them in the proper package.
2019-04-22update contributorsAlexey Stukalov
packager= removed since it's not a standard PKGBUILD var
2019-04-22clarify PKGBUILD script licenseAlexey Stukalov
2019-04-22Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 Update 3 (2019.3.199)Hamada S. Badr
2019-02-07Update to 2019 update 2Stephen Cox
2018-12-10Update SRCINFO with 2019 infoStephen Cox
2018-12-10Update to 2019 update 1Stephen Cox
2018-07-02update based on specter119 commented on 2018-06-28 19:07Ignat Harczuk
2017-12-21pkgrel 3 with mpiIgnat Harczuk
2017-12-19include newly added math headers from intel-c-comp rpm packageIgnat Harczuk