AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-22Add ARM64 to supported architecturesSlashbunny
2018-03-04Patch systemd service file to correct pathSlashbunny
2017-04-08Bump versionSlashbunny
2016-03-14Update pkgverSlashbunny
2016-03-14Remove speex dep, use CPPFLAGS from makepkg.conf, remove superfluous content ...Slashbunny
2014-10-04ioquake3 improvementsSlashbunny
2014-08-27ioquake3 now builds with sdl2Slashbunny
2014-03-31update make flagsSlashbunny
2014-01-06Add opus support, use https for gitSlashbunny
2014-01-05More ioquake3 build improvements, remove legacy launchersSlashbunny
2013-12-25Ignore ioq3 git repo, binary packageSlashbunny
2013-12-25Cleaned up, modernized PKGBUILD. Quoted strings containing variables which ma...Slashbunny
2013-01-21ioquake3 switched to github, copy ioquake3-svn to ioquake3-git and modernize ...Slashbunny