AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-03-04Patch systemd service file to correct pathSlashbunny
The upstream systemd service file now specifies the full path to the dedicated server executable, which needs to be changed for this package see:
2017-04-08Bump versionSlashbunny
2016-03-14Update pkgverSlashbunny
2016-03-14Remove speex dep, use CPPFLAGS from makepkg.conf, remove superfluous content ↵Slashbunny
in .install file
2014-10-04ioquake3 improvementsSlashbunny
2014-08-27ioquake3 now builds with sdl2Slashbunny
2014-03-31update make flagsSlashbunny
2014-01-06Add opus support, use https for gitSlashbunny
2014-01-05More ioquake3 build improvements, remove legacy launchersSlashbunny
2013-12-25Ignore ioq3 git repo, binary packageSlashbunny
2013-12-25Cleaned up, modernized PKGBUILD. Quoted strings containing variables which ↵Slashbunny
may contain spaces.
2013-01-21ioquake3 switched to github, copy ioquake3-svn to ioquake3-git and modernize ↵Slashbunny
it a bit