AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupdating valid b2sum. As the checksum was for the first 0.26.0 release.RubenKelevra
8 daysupdate to 0.26.0RubenKelevra
2022-12-16update to 0.25.0RubenKelevra
2022-12-04update to 0.24.1RubenKelevra
2022-10-11update to 0.24.0RubenKelevra
2022-08-31update to 0.23.0RubenKelevra
2022-07-25update to 0.22.0RubenKelevra
2022-06-25update dependenciesRubenKelevra
2022-06-13update to 0.21RubenKelevra
2022-05-23update to 0.20.6RubenKelevra
2022-04-10update to 0.20.5RubenKelevra
2022-04-05update to 0.20.4RubenKelevra
2022-03-27update to 0.20.3@RubenKelevra
2022-02-21update to 0.19.3@RubenKelevra
2022-02-21add libxcrypt-compat as dependency@RubenKelevra
2022-02-16restore old dependencies@RubenKelevra
2022-02-14update to 0.19.1@RubenKelevra
2022-02-08make sure nodejs is in the recommended version for ipfs-desktop@RubenKelevra
2022-02-04apply patch from @lidel to fix potential build issues@RubenKelevra
2021-12-25update to 0.18.1@RubenKelevra
2021-10-25update to 0.17.0@RubenKelevra
2021-08-03update to 0.16.2@RubenKelevra
2021-06-19Add symlink /usr/bin/ipfs-desktopAlex Henrie
2021-02-25Update to 0.14.0Alex Henrie
2020-10-29Update to 0.13.2Alex Henrie
2020-10-12Revert "Update to 0.12.3"Alex Henrie
2020-09-25Update to 0.12.3Alex Henrie
2020-08-14Update to 0.12.2Alex Henrie
2020-05-18Update to 0.11.3Alex Henrie
2020-05-12Update to 0.11.2Alex Henrie
2020-03-23Drop dependency on libappindicator-sharpAlex Henrie
2020-03-12Update to 0.10.4Alex Henrie
2020-02-12Update to 0.10.3Alex Henrie
2019-11-20Put the --cache option on the right commandAlex Henrie
2019-11-20Cache NPM packages in $srcdir/npm-cache instead of $HOME/.npmAlex Henrie
2019-11-01Remove unnecessary "prepare" stepAlex Henrie
2019-10-22Update .SRCINFOAlex Henrie
2019-10-22Update to 0.9.7Alex Henrie
2019-10-21Update to 0.9.6Alex Henrie
2019-10-18Add dependenciesAlex Henrie
2019-10-17Use electron-builder's pacman packaging featureAlex Henrie
2019-10-16Initial commitAlex Henrie