AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-31Version 3.1 commitbionade24
2019-01-30checksum fix2bionade24
2019-01-30fixed PKGBUILD & .SRCINFObionade24
2019-01-30Changed go-floodsum's checksum and installingbionade24
2018-05-31inlcude the dropped dependencies at a fixed version and do manual buildGergely Imreh
2018-05-31use Arch's gx and gx-go packages, instead of the binary distributed onesGergely Imreh
2018-05-31build from sourceGergely Imreh
2018-05-30bump to 0.3.0Gergely Imreh
2016-05-25Update upstream urlJakub Sztandera
2016-02-26Change the url to a correct oneJakub Sztandera
2016-02-26InitJakub Sztandera