AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-17Update to v2.16.0.Donald Webster
2019-04-02Add files suggested by @visage to backup.Donald Webster
2019-03-12Add Path to desktop file per glowingsword.Donald Webster
2019-03-02Update to v2.15.0.Donald Webster
2019-01-11Remove i686 support, simplify PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2018-12-06Actualy use correct URL.Donald Webster
2018-12-06Use https instead of ftp.Donald Webster
2018-11-12Remove bundled jre, saves ~20MB.Donald Webster
2018-05-21Update to v2.14.0.Donald Webster
2018-02-12Include sha256sums for both 32bit and 64bit versions.Donald Webster
2017-12-15Update to 2.13.1.Donald Webster
2017-06-09Update to 2.13 thanks to aasoft.Donald Webster
2017-02-05Update to 2.12.0.Donald Webster
2016-03-01Uptade IPMIView to version 2.11.0Roberto Valentini
2015-07-27Fix desktop entryRoberto Valentini
2015-07-27Fix pathnameRoberto Valentini
2015-07-27Fix source urlRoberto Valentini
2015-07-27Initial importRoberto Valentini