AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-23Get rid of rpmextract.shPeter Hofmann
2016-01-06Build on i686 should be fixed nowPeter Hofmann
2015-12-12Account for Epson's new "bundle" structurePeter Hofmann
2015-06-14Fix URLs and architecture testsPeter Hofmann
2015-06-14Refreshment for iscan-plugin-gt-s600Peter Hofmann
2015-06-14iscan-plugin-gt-s600: Updated upstream URL.Peter Hofmann
2015-06-14iscan plugin: Bumped pkgrel.Peter Hofmann
2015-06-14iscan plugin: Fixed sources for 64 bit.Peter Hofmann
2015-06-14iscan plugin: Sources have moved.Peter Hofmann
2012-10-06iscan-plugin-gt-s600: Ignore downloaded RPM file.Peter Hofmann
2012-10-06iscan-plugin-gt-s600: Fixed namcap complaints.Peter Hofmann
2012-10-06Install script: Indentation.Peter Hofmann
2011-05-0164 Bit etwas schöner, ohne /usr/lib64.Peter Hofmann
2011-05-01Fix für 64 Bit.Peter Hofmann
2011-05-01Version bump und 64 Bit.Peter Hofmann
2010-02-15Added notice: Origin of this PKGBUILD.Peter Hofmann
2010-02-15Added install script to register iscan-plugin.Peter Hofmann
2010-02-15Initial version, untested.Peter Hofmann