AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-05feat: .nvchecker.tomliamawacko
2024-03-08feat: updated to new version, fixed sbin erroriamawacko
2024-01-24feat: new maintainer, updated to 1.10.1iamawacko
2019-09-15Update SRCINFOAntoine Pietri
2019-09-15Update to 1.8.1Antoine Pietri
2018-09-26update to 1.7William Di Luigi
2018-02-24Bump version to 1.5Antoine Pietri
2017-12-30Update to 1.4.1Antoine Pietri
2017-03-26update .SRCINFO with libcgroup dependency removalAntoine Pietri
2017-03-26remove libcgroup dependencyAntoine Pietri
2016-10-11Start using tagged releaseWilliam Di Luigi
2016-02-03Empty commitWilliam Di Luigi
2016-01-26Update to 1.2William Di Luigi
2015-09-02Remove useless mkdir and supply post_upgrade() scriptWilliam Di Luigi
2015-09-02Add support for isolate groupWilliam Di Luigi
2015-08-31First commitWilliam Di Luigi