AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-07Lua 5.4 is now default in Arch Linux - update for thatJiří Klimeš
2020-08-07Fix building iupweb libraryJiří Klimeš
2020-08-07Update to upstream version 3.30Jiří Klimeš
2020-06-16Fix makefiles patchesJiří Klimeš
2020-06-16Update to upstream version 3.29Jiří Klimeš
2020-01-28Enable Czech and Russian translationsJiří Klimeš
2020-01-28Fix build for missing gmoduleJiří Klimeš
2020-01-28Set USE_PKGCONFIG (fixes missing harfbuzz reguired by pango >= 1.44)Jiří Klimeš
2020-01-283.28 finally uses webkit2gtk instead of obsolete webkitgtkJiří Klimeš
2020-01-28Build new iupvled executable and change linkageJiří Klimeš
2020-01-28Update to upstream version 3.28Jiří Klimeš
2019-06-14Update to upstream version 3.27Jiří Klimeš
2019-06-14Enable building for Linux kernels 5.xJiří Klimeš
2019-02-14Update to upstream version 3.26Jiří Klimeš
2019-02-14Fix build on updated kernel with not-cleaned-build-sourceJiří Klimeš
2019-02-14Fix buildJiří Klimeš
2018-12-11Use https urlsdaurnimator
2018-12-11Fix typosdaurnimator
2018-11-28PKGBUILD: clean up syntaxdaurnimator
2018-08-28Bump pkgreldaurnimator
2018-08-28Remove obsolete i686 architecturedaurnimator
2018-08-28Add lua to makedependsdaurnimator
2018-08-28PKGBUILD: whitespacedaurnimator
2018-07-09Update to upstream version 3.25Jiří Klimeš
2018-01-30Update to upstream version 3.24Jiří Klimeš
2017-11-02Update to upstream version 3.23Jiří Klimeš
2017-11-02Fix sed commandsJiří Klimeš
2017-09-15Bump release version for recent changesJiří Klimeš
2017-09-15Update info about Maintainers and ContributorsJiří Klimeš
2017-09-15Split iup package to the base iup library and Lua bindingsJiří Klimeš
2017-09-15Adjust dependenciesJiří Klimeš
2017-09-15Build iupview tooJiří Klimeš
2017-06-26Update to 3.22daurnimator
2017-05-15Move iupgl above iup_plotdaurnimator
2017-01-31Don't keep static libsdaurnimator
2017-01-31Build iupmot componentdaurnimator
2017-01-31Can now build iup_plotdaurnimator
2017-01-31Update to 3.21daurnimator
2016-11-07Update to 3.20daurnimator
2016-05-09Update to newer package styledaurnimator
2016-05-09Generate SRCINFO, delete now unused patch, Fix syntax of 'depends'daurnimator
2016-05-09Update to 3.18. Overhaul build processdaurnimator
2016-05-09AFAIK this package only depends on libcd and libimdaurnimator
2016-05-09Add self as contributordaurnimator
2016-01-16Update .SRCINFOMika Attila
2016-01-16Remove lieMika Attila
2015-07-08*sigh*Mika Attila
2015-07-08Update to version 3.15Mika Attila
2015-06-19Update GitHub repo urlMika Attila
2015-06-19Initial commitMika Attila