AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 dayspython2 has to be in makedepends (@rageltman)Pierre Lalet
2020-12-29Fix build, bro no longer exists (@dreieck)Pierre Lalet
2020-12-10Version updatePierre Lalet
2020-04-25Version updatePierre Lalet
2019-09-25Version updatePierre LALET
2019-07-07Use SHA512, clean-upPierre LALET
2019-06-25Version updatePierre LALET
2019-06-07Dependencies update (bro -> zeek)Pierre LALET
2019-06-05Update descPierre LALET
2019-03-20Remove useless makedependsPierre LALET
2019-03-17Add missing makedepends and optdependsPierre LALET
2019-03-13Switch to python-pycryptodomePierre LALET
2019-03-13Remove dependencies from package basePierre LALET
2019-03-13Split package into ivre, ivre-docs, ivre-web, python-ivre and python2-ivrePierre LALET
2019-02-12Fix checksum for Apache ivre.confPierre LALET
2019-02-04Release v0.9.12Pierre LALET
2018-08-27Fix a sha256sum, update dependenciesPierre LALET
2018-08-14Version upgradePierre LALET
2018-04-12Upgrade to ivre 0.9.10, add python-bottle dependencyPierre LALET
2018-02-26Update archive URL to a fixed onePierre LALET
2018-02-26Version upgradePierre LALET
2017-08-07Update sha256sumPierre LALET
2017-08-07Update pkgrel after new dependencyPierre LALET
2017-08-07Add missing dependencyPierre LALET
2017-07-11Update dependencies, add Apache sample config filePierre LALET
2017-06-28Add package ivre - LALET