AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-01-14Added SEMStephen Martin
2018-01-14v.8.5Stephen Martin
2017-10-27Version bumpStephen Martin
2017-09-28Add r-cran-rinside as dependencyStephen Martin
2017-09-03Version bumpStephen Martin
2017-07-02Version bumpStephen Martin
2017-06-04Updated to latest releaseStephen Martin
- Removed sem and rlibrary patches (no longer needed) - Changed packaging structure to match that of debian's - Fixed icon not showing up (sorry about that)
2016-11-08Added rbundle as a makedep so rcpp is present prior to compilationStephen Martin
2016-10-19Bumped and removed qtchooserStephen Martin
2016-09-22Moved R libraries to JASP directoryStephen Martin
- Removed .svg because jasp now ships one - Removed in-pkgbuild method of creating .desktop (src now ships with one) - Added patch allowing for multiple R libraries - JASP R deps now live in the JASP directory, except RInside.
2016-09-07Version bumpStephen Martin
2016-07-19Bump to v.8Beta2Stephen Martin
2016-05-18Updated to new RStephen Martin
2016-05-10Version bumpStephen Martin
2016-03-31Bumped to latest version (v. Martin
2016-02-23Bumped to 0.7.5Stephen Martin
2016-01-20Bumped to beta3Stephen Martin
2015-12-05Bump to v0.7.5Beta1Stephen Martin
2015-12-05Updated to latest dev snapshotStephen Martin
2015-12-05Added support for $sharedir/R-libraryStephen Martin
2015-12-05Added include patchStephen Martin
2015-12-05Updated build processStephen Martin
The JASP devs are removing the need for an included r bundle. Instead, they are calling to the system R library (/usr/lib/R/library) The devs are targeting debian and they host PPAs with the needed R packages to install into the system R library. Because arch does not really support the million r-cran-* packages, I am creating a standalone 'bundle' meant for jasp that includes all the needed packages, installed into the R system library. They will be named according to the cran packages. r-cran-WhateveR
2015-12-05Fixing this stupid rebaseStephen Martin
2015-12-02Version bumpStephen Martin
2015-11-03Bumped for new R versionStephen Martin
2015-09-04Bumped to .12Stephen Martin
2015-08-31Version bump to v.0.7.11Stephen Martin
2015-08-28Modified dependenciesStephen Martin
Ran namcap on package. boost is a makedepend zlib is already included by libarchive curl is a needed dependency
2015-08-26Updated to v0.7.1.9Stephen Martin
2015-08-22Version bump -> .7.1.8Stephen Martin
Removed boost-nowide as dependency.
2015-08-20Bumped relStephen Martin
2015-08-20Added tk as dependency (for R; sem needs it)Stephen Martin
2015-08-20Added qt5-svg as dependencyStephen Martin
2015-08-20Added gcc-fortran to makedependsStephen Martin
2015-08-20Patched in SEMStephen Martin
2015-08-20Added more qt5 depsStephen Martin
2015-08-19Removed unnecessary dependencyStephen Martin
2015-08-19Removed .ico and added .svgStephen Martin
2015-08-19Initial commit.Stephen Martin