AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-14Upgrading to version 8u382b05Fredy García
2023-05-26Upgrading to version 8u372b07Fredy García
2023-05-26Merge pull request #1 from eliezio/masterFredy Alberto García Güiza
2023-04-28Upgrading to version 8u372b07Eliezio Oliveira
2023-02-01Upgrading to version 8u362b09Fredy García
2022-11-26Upgrading to version 8u352b08Fredy García
2022-08-04Upgrading to version 8u345b01Fredy García
2022-05-04Upgrading to version 8u332b09Fredy García
2022-01-27Upgrading to version 8u322b06Fredy García
2021-10-29Upgrading to version 8u312b07Fredy García
2021-10-29Upgrading to version 8u312b07Fredy García
2021-08-07Upgrading to version 8u302b08Fredy García
2021-04-26Upgrading to version 8u292-b10frealgagu
2021-02-23Fixing link issue. Adding sources package.frealgagu
2021-02-22Upgrading to version 8u282-b08frealgagu
2020-12-07Update to jdk8u275-b01Léo
2020-12-07Update to jdk8u272-b10Léo
2020-09-04Update to jdk8u265-b01Léo
2020-09-04Update to jdk8u262-b10Léo
2020-09-04Fix the "Based on" commentLéo
2020-04-20Update to 8.u252Léo
2020-04-15First publishingLéo