AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-26Bumped to version 4.4.1Tilo Brueckner
2019-04-12Bumped to version 4.3.2Tilo Brueckner
2019-01-28fixed download URLTilo Brueckner
2018-02-15Bumped to version 4.3.0Tilo Brueckner
2018-02-06Bumped to version 4.2.1Tilo Brueckner
2018-01-19Bumped to version 4.1.1Tilo Brueckner
2017-12-29Bumped to version 4.1.0Tilo Brueckner
2017-12-24Bumped to version 4.0.2Tilo Brueckner
2017-06-03Set correct Java versionTilo Brueckner
2017-05-13Bumped to version 3.4.3Tilo Brueckner
2017-02-26fixed file permissionsTilo Brueckner
2015-12-05Bumped to version 3.4.2Tilo Brueckner
2015-11-01Bumped to version 3.4.1Tilo Brueckner
2015-10-24Initial importTilo Brueckner