AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-03upgpkg: jekyll 4.2.1-1Bert Peters
2021-04-26Fix Ruby 3 compatibilityBert Peters
2020-12-17Update to v4.2.0.Bert Peters
2020-06-24Update to v4.1.1Bert Peters
2020-05-27Fix upstream packaging change.Bert Peters
2020-05-27Update to v4.1.0.Bert Peters
2020-05-08Update to v4.0.1.Bert Peters
2020-02-09Use open-ended dependencies.Bert Peters
2020-01-11Remove unneeded dependency.Bert Peters
2019-09-10Update to 4.0.0.Bert Peters
2019-08-20Remove packaged ruby-public_suffix dep.Bert Peters
2019-08-15fix jekyll-sass-converter depBjoern Franke
2019-08-05fix ruby-public_suffix-3 depBjoern Franke
2019-07-043.8.6Bjoern Franke
2019-01-21fix kramdown depBjoern Franke
2019-01-21updated to 3.8.5Bjoern Franke
2018-10-18Revert "jekyll: update ruby-i18n dependency"Shengyu Zhang
2018-10-08jekyll: update ruby-i18n dependencyShengyu Zhang
2018-10-02upgpkg: jekyll 3.8.4-1Shengyu Zhang
2018-06-24upgpkg: jekyll 3.8.3-1Shengyu Zhang
2018-04-20upgpkg: jekyll 3.8.0-1Shengyu Zhang
2018-01-19jekyll: add dependency ruby-ruby_dep due to ruby-listen missing itShengyu Zhang
2018-01-16jekyll: add missing dependency ruby-em-websocketShengyu Zhang
2018-01-16upgpkg: jekyll 3.7.0Shengyu Zhang
2018-01-07jekyll: ruby 2.5 rebuildShengyu Zhang
2017-11-24jekyll: fix replacesShengyu Zhang
2017-11-23jekyll: hard link to ruby-rouge-1, add optdepends, provide old pkgnameShengyu Zhang
2017-11-20addpkg: jekyllShengyu Zhang