AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
46 hoursBump data.zipDSP
2021-11-18Bump version to 6.9.6DSP
2021-11-05Bump data.zipTyr Heimdal
2021-10-29Bump data.zipDSP
2021-10-29Bump to 6.9.5DSP
2021-09-16Amended incorrect pkgver/pkgrel in .SRCINFO, bumped pkgrel -> 2 because of itTyr Heimdal
2021-09-16Updated version to 6.9.4Tyr Heimdal
2021-09-16Update data.zipDSP bumpTyr Heimdal
2021-07-27Bump data.zipDSP bumpTyr Heimdal
2021-06-28Update version to 6.9.3Tyr Heimdal
2021-06-17Update version to 6.9.2Tyr Heimdal
2021-06-14Update version to 6.9.1Tyr Heimdal
2021-06-14Update version to 6.9.0Tyr Heimdal bumpTyr Heimdal
2021-05-06Bump data againDSP bumpDSP
2021-04-18Bump dataDSP
2021-04-03PKGBUILD: Changed from md5sums to sha256sumsTyr Heimdal
2021-04-03Bump version to 6.8.0DSP
2020-09-01Bump to 6.6.2, new dataDSP
2020-05-206.4.0 versionDSP
2020-04-17Bump version to 6.2.4DSP
2020-03-24Update data.zipDSP
2020-03-10bump to 6.2.1DSP
2019-12-21Bump to 6.1.3DSP
2019-11-15Bump to 6.1.1DSP
2019-05-29Bump versionDSP
2019-05-29New icons, file for update disablingDSP
2019-04-19Update version to 6.0.0DSP
2019-03-04Update version to 5.8.2DSP
2018-11-26bump to 5.8.0DSP
2018-09-01Update to 5.7.2DSP
2018-08-13Move md5sums upDSP
2018-08-13Update to 5.7.1, add data update to 2018-07-13bDSP
2018-06-205.6.0 releaseDSP
2018-05-14Upgrade version to 5.5.0DSP
2018-05-07update PKGBUILD and SRCINFODSP
2018-04-20update version to 5.4.3Denis Borisevich
2017-06-24version changeCarlos E. Garcia
2017-06-24version changeCarlos E. Garcia
2017-06-24update to 4.1.2Carlos E. Garcia
2017-04-26srcinfo update to 4.0.1Carlos E. Garcia
2017-04-26update to version 4.0.1Carlos E. Garcia
2016-12-11updated to version 3.1.4Carlos E. Garcia