AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-26bump to 0.5.1Harvey Tindall
2022-01-30fix typescript stageHarvey Tindall
2022-01-30fix for 0.4.0Harvey Tindall
2021-08-22bump to 0.3.8Harvey Tindall
2021-06-20bump to v0.3.7Harvey Tindall
2021-05-24bump to v0.3.6Harvey Tindall
2021-04-07fix and bump to 0.3.3Harvey Tindall
2021-03-21bump and fix for 0.3.2Harvey Tindall
2021-03-02use go esbuild for support on armHarvey Tindall
2021-03-01update and fix for 0.3.1Harvey Tindall
2021-01-16bump to 0.2.8Harvey Tindall
2021-01-16fix build on systems with GOPATH not in pathHarvey Tindall
2021-01-16fix and update to 0.2.7Harvey Tindall
2020-11-13bump to 0.2.1Harvey Tindall
2020-09-25bump to 0.2.0Harvey Tindall
2020-09-19increment pkgrel due to bug in original 0.1.9Harvey Tindall
2020-09-19bump to 0.1.9Harvey Tindall
2020-09-16bump to 0.1.8Harvey Tindall
2020-09-05bump to 0.1.7Harvey Tindall
2020-09-02bump to 0.1.6Harvey Tindall
2020-08-20update srcinfoHarvey Tindall
2020-08-20bump to 0.1.5Harvey Tindall
2020-08-19hopefully fix broken executable symlinkHarvey Tindall
2020-08-19un-symlink PKGBUILD, fix permissions on executableHarvey Tindall
2020-08-19Initial commit, 0.1.4Harvey Tindall