AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-24update to support post-hiatus versionsHarvey Tindall
2022-01-30update for post 0.4.0Harvey Tindall
2021-06-20fix for versions with crash pageHarvey Tindall
2021-04-07fix for new MakefileHarvey Tindall
2021-03-02use go esbuild for support on armHarvey Tindall
2021-03-01fix for post v0.3.0Harvey Tindall
2021-01-16fix build on systems with GOPATH not in pathHarvey Tindall
2021-01-16fix for post 0.2.5 versionsHarvey Tindall
2020-11-13fix for versions > 0.2.1Harvey Tindall
2020-09-25include changes for 0.2.0Harvey Tindall
2020-09-16bump versionHarvey Tindall
2020-09-05add git dependencyHarvey Tindall
2020-09-03"initial commit"Harvey Tindall