AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-03Handle updates to fields that expect numbersAmrit Ghimire
2022-09-15Add the JSON support to list apiAmrit Ghimire
2022-08-29v1.6.0 Upgrade packages and fix typosAmrit Ghimire
2022-01-27v1.5.0: Introduce pagination in list featureAmrit Ghimire
2021-08-10 Handle error better with exit code and stderrAmrit Ghimire
2021-07-29Add appropriate Error HandlingAmrit Ghimire
2021-06-05Add autocomplete feature in jira terminalAmrit Ghimire
2021-05-31Update with static buildAmrit Ghimire
2021-05-31Fix push issueAmrit Ghimire
2021-05-31Update to version 1.1.0Amrit Ghimire
2021-05-29Update Srcinfo accordinglyAmrit Ghimire
2021-05-29Add missing dependencyAmrit Ghimire
2021-05-29Update package version to v1.0.1Amrit Ghimire
2021-05-29Release v1.0.0Amrit Ghimire