AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-16Update build dateArthur Borsboom
2020-03-16Update build dateArthur Borsboom
2020-01-16Updated build to latest gitArthur Borsboom
2019-11-06Updated build to nov 2019Arthur Borsboom
2019-07-22Updated package build; libffmpeg conflict magically dissappearedArthur Borsboom
2019-07-17Updated build to July 2019Arthur Borsboom
2019-05-13Make sure Java 8 is used for compiling the package, even when another Java ve...Arthur Borsboom
2019-04-02Added the dependency on an older version of ffmpegArthur Borsboom
2019-04-01Updated versionArthur Borsboom
2019-03-18Version bumpArthur Borsboom
2019-03-18Version bumpArthur Borsboom
2019-02-01Updated package build numberArthur Borsboom
2019-02-01Updated package build numberArthur Borsboom
2018-09-17Updated Jitsy to build with the updated Apache AntArthurBorsboom
2018-08-09Forced the compilation by Java 8 by using an absolute path to the Java compil...ArthurBorsboom
2018-08-07Updated jitsi nightly; Does not work with Java 10, but it does work with Java 8Arthur Borsboom
2017-10-02Version updateArthur Borsboom
2017-08-16Updated package versionArthurBorsboom
2017-02-15Updated version, this time also fixing the PKGBUILD file (forgotten last time)ArthurBorsboom
2017-02-13Update package versionArthurBorsboom
2017-01-31Updated to v2.9.20170131ArthurBorsboom
2016-10-04Use the git repository directly, since the .zip files are not provided anymor...ArthurBorsboom
2016-06-17Updated to the latest nightly and cleanup the startup script. Also fixed a pl...Arthur Borsboom
2016-04-14Updated version number to the latest commitArthurBorsboom
2015-10-31Updated package versionArthur Borsboom
2015-10-24Update package to latest versionArthur Borsboom
2015-10-13Updated package version to force package updateArthur Borsboom
2015-10-11Updated package releaseArthur Borsboom
2015-10-11Updated package versioning, updated Jitsi urlArthur Borsboom
2015-10-11Updated package versionArthur Borsboom
2015-10-11Add real version number to pkgversion, so packages jitsi and jitsi-nightly ca...Arthur Borsboom
2015-10-11Add real version number, so packges jitsi and jitsi-nightly can be compared e...ArthurBorsboom
2015-10-10Created new package based on archived package due to aur changeArthurBorsboom