AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-234.1.12Stefan Gehr
2024-01-12SRCINFO for version 4.1.11Stefan Gehr
2024-01-12version 4.1.11Stefan Gehr
2023-06-17new kid in town; updated pkgver to 4.1.10Stefan Gehr
2022-10-12Bump to 4.1.8lowercase
2022-06-11Add example conf for jool_siitMattias Giese
2022-06-06Bump to newest releaseMattias Giese
2021-05-04fix SRCINFOGeno
2021-05-04update to 4.1.5Geno
2020-09-22bumpNick Cao
2020-08-28bump versionNick Cao
2020-06-12update SRCINFONick Cao
2020-06-12bump versionNick Cao
2020-03-02Added systemd service fileNick Cao
2020-02-03initNick Cao