AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-03Upgrade releaseAlfredo Palhares
2018-07-03Upgrade to node 10Alfredo Palhares
2018-06-29Update to 1.0.104Alfredo Palhares
2018-06-05Update to v1.0.96Alfredo Palhares
2018-06-05Add extra/gconf to makedependsAlfredo Palhares
2018-05-16Upgrade to 1.0.93Alfredo Palhares
2018-05-16Upgrade to 1.0.93texhnolyze
2018-05-02Upgrade to v1.0.85Alfredo Palhares
2018-05-02Replace node with node-lts-carbonAlfredo Palhares
2018-05-01use nodejs-lts-carbon instead of nodejsBjoern Franke
2018-04-27Fix Joplin TerminalAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-23Update ReleaseAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-23Merge pull request #1 from koug44/masterAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-20Adding npm to makedependskoug44
2018-04-19Fix joplin.desktop fileAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-19Fix the install of the binariesAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-19Rename joplin and joplin desktopAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-18Add command to install Joplin with yayAlfredo Palhares
2018-04-18Initial CommitAlfredo Palhares